Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday September 28, 2009

Wow! It is almost October 2009! I cannot believe it. My oldest is well established in Kindergarten now. My only daughter is in the 3 year old program at preschool and my baby is 1 year old and he attends MMO twice a week. We just celebrated his 1st birthday on September 7th. I will call him C because I do not want to be really specific with names here. C is the first letter of his name thus the C in the title of this blog. My daughter will be referred to as S and my oldest son will be referred to as N.
C and I went to toddler storytime this morning for the first time and he had fun. It only lasted 30 minutes as toddlers attention spans are very short. Afterwards we checked out a few books. We then rode over and got me a BBQ sandwich. Normally early mornings are his naptime as he is up around 6:30 or 7AM. We were waiting to pick up S from preschool so we had to kill 1 1/2 hours of time. It is almost time for N to get off the bus. S and I made brownies and they are in the kitchen cooling at the moment. She is having fits for them as she did not eat a whole lot of lunch.

I guess I will come back later and blog some more. Maybe after all the kids are in the bed tonight. The only thing is.....S normally sleeps in here in the office but I am thinking about putting her bed in my room while DH is out of town for the week. That way I can get on the computer when I want.

This blog is a bit scatter brained so I will come back and have to organize it moreso. Tarot mom and Hope has inspired me to start blogging!


  1. Glad that we could inspire you! Sometimes just putting it all out there matter what it is! You are always on the go and believe me, I know how that is! It's so tiring! I cannot imagine doing it with 3 younger kids! I have my hands full carting 1 teenager & 1 preschooler around!

  2. woo hoo on your does help alot to come here and vent if you need to! i love mine!!